Do French Bulldogs Snore? How To Stop Frenchie From Snoring?

How To Stop Frenchie From Snoring?

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If you are a French bulldog owner, you must be aware of your dog making some weird sounds while sleeping. This blog is all about trying to understand why they snore when snoring becomes an issue and what remedies can alleviate this snoring problem.

Do you know why  french bulldogs snore? 

Being a brachycephalic breed, bulldogs have unique characteristics and features. Their flat and smashed face with narrow nostrils obstructs airways making it difficult for air to flow smoothly causing snoring. 

Do all French bulldogs snore

Yes, all these short-muzzled bulldogs with flattened faces and snub noses snore. It is all-natural for the Frenchie to snore and snort loud. It is their identity trait.

It is normal for a French bulldog to be snoring while awake. It may be because of genetics or that he has run extra miles or done excessive exercise.

If a bulldog has undergone any nasal surgery in the past that widens its nostrils then it will be exempted from snoring and snorting. Some bulldog owners may find it extremely difficult to live with their French bulldog’s loud snoring sounds, so they may go for their bulldog surgery. Also if the owner finds out that it is hard for their bulldog to breathe and he is making noisy breathing sounds, they must opt for his surgery.

Is snoring bad for a French bulldog’s health?

It is quite common for French bulldogs to make sounds while sleeping as they are massive snorers. It is all-natural for a brachycephalic breed to snore as long as they are healthy.

But if a French bulldog snores all the time or suddenly starts snoring a lot, this situation is alarming and needs to be addressed. There could be an underlying health problem causing him to snore. 

French bulldog snoring problems

If you are wondering why is my French bulldog snoring? Being a French bulldog owner you have to keep in mind that all these adorable Frenchie have this snoring habit.

Snoring is problematic when it affects the health of your bulldog or when you have to compromise on your sleep because of the loud snoring sounds of your bulldog. The root cause of French bulldog snoring is their short snouts.

The flat-faced bulldog with narrow nostrils restricts the air passage making it hard to breathe for a bulldog. 

If there are some dust particles stuck in his nose, some allergy blocks the nostrils, any medication not suiting him, or an uncomfortable sleeping position and place. This all makes it hard for a bulldog to breathe normally and you will see him struggling hard for breathing and snoring consistently loud.

If you are looking for ways how to stop bulldog from snoring, here are some tips for reducing snoring:

Remember snoring is a natural part of Frenchie’s life and it cannot be entirely stopped due to their biological anatomy. However, with certain lifestyle adjustments and remedies, this snoring problem can be overcome. These tips will help to reduce the loudness and frequency of your bulldog’s snoring.

  •    Maintain a healthy weight

French bulldogs are prone to obesity and with time they do become overweight. So try to give your dog a balanced and healthy diet. They are heavy snorers being a flat-faced breed and also have compressed airways which may lead to respiratory difficulties. If they get overweight it might be an additional complication as they already have breathing issues. So try to keep your dog’s weight under control through exercise

  •       Keep the proper sleeping position

Snoring also depends on the bulldog’s sleeping position. If they are sleeping curled up sideways, their airways are more relaxed than a bulldog sleeping on his back. The tongue blocks the pipe opening causing air obstruction and loud snoring noises.

  •     Have a clean bedding and dog pillow

Always maintain a clean bed and encourage your bulldog to sleep on his dog pillow with his head and neck high and straight. It will help them in stopping the snoring as the windpipe is wide open making the airflow without obstruction. Do daily cleaning as this breed is vulnerable.

  •  Have a cool and airy room

Try to have a separate room for your Frenchie, probably having a window so he can get fresh and cool air to breathe in. You can also place a humidifier to have proper moisture content in the air. It helps to lessen the snoring.

  •       Look for illness and allergies

The French bulldog is prone to snoring more than any other breed. It may aggravate as a result of an allergic reaction. The allergens may cause inflammation and swell in their respiratory system which leads to increased snoring. Dust, smoke, pollen, scented candles, irritants, certain food items, and ingredients may make snoring worse.

  •        Examine for oral and nasal obstructions

If your bulldog suddenly begins snoring loudly and making strange noises, there is a probability that something has been lodged in its throat. Because of the constriction of breathing passageways and occlusion of airways, it will cause snoring.

  •       Surgery

Getting a bulldog nasal surgery also reduces snoring. It enlarges the nostrils and makes it easier for him to breathe.

So if you are considering having a French bulldog in your home, they are great company but you have to take extra measures for this loving and loud breed.

 How to Stop a French Bulldog from Snoring in Few Easy Steps!

Introduction: How many times have you heard the question “How do I stop my French bulldog from snoring?” once you come home and see your dog breathing heavily on your sofa? You can’t really sleep or have a restful night’s sleep if your pet is snoring loudly.

Why? Because it’s terrible for the health of your pet.

Snoring not only impairs the quality of sleep that you may be getting, but it also damages the airways and causes serious health problems for your pet. However, we haven’t heard that many people are aware of this fact. So here are a few easy steps that you can follow to stop your dog snoring (including tips on how to prevent it):

  1. Do not let your dog lie on his side. It’s no use to rub your face in the pillow, gaze at it and then fall asleep. All dogs snore from their sides, even if they sleep on their back or stomach, as long as they are lying flat on the ground.
  2. If you are struggling with your dog’s snoring, try listening to a recording of the dog sleeping. A dog’s snoring can be modified with a specially designed earplug.

3.Put this sleeping pad between you and your pet so that at least one hand is free while they sleep. If you’re a pet owner, it is extremely important that your dog sleeps on the same bed as you. 

Can you stop a french bulldog from snoring?

Yes! You can By Exercise your French Bulldog. Adequate exercise should help your Bulldog tone his muscles that can hopefully reduce his snoring. Do not over-exercise your Bulldog to prevent him from overheating. Placing a humidifier near your Bulldog’s sleeping may help as well.