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Best Dog Breeds For Outdoor Adventures

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One of the most satisfying things is taking your dog outdoor on adventures. The challenge however is not just taking your dog out, but ensuring that they’re well-behaved, which means not pulling on their leash and also staying in control of their needs on the trail. 

When picking a dog for these types of adventures, it’s important to consider its personality, age, and size. Here’s a list of the best dog breeds for outdoor adventures that are the most intelligent, most adaptable, and easy to train.

What to look for in a dog breed to go on outdoor adventures with?

If you have decided to travel or adventure with your dog, there are a few likely types of dogs that you can choose from. Find a dog that is very strong, agile, and energetic. The dog should be able to keep up with you and be able to run for long distances. The dogs are highly energetic and intelligent.

Are There Other Factors To Look For When Choosing Your Adventure Dogs?

There are some factors you should look for in your companion for adventure. 

  • Size
  • Schedule. 
  • Activity level
  • Breed
  • Age
  • History

List Of Best Dog Breeds For Outdoor Adventures

There are a variety of dog breeds that are perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking for a hiking companion or a water-loving pup, there’s a perfect breed for you. Some of the best dog breeds for outdoor adventures include:

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are also great hiking companions, as they’re sturdy and have an excellent sense of smell.

Life span: 10 – 12 years

FCI: standard

Colors: Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream, Golden

Temperament: Intelligent, Friendly, Reliable, Kind, Trustworthy, Confident

Weight: Female: 25–32 kg, Male: 30–34 kg

Qualities: He is a calm, clever, and affectionate golden retriever. Golden retrievers are friendly, playful, and kind with youngsters, as well as other pets and strangers.

Border Collie

Border Collies are perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors with their dog. These high-energy dogs love to run and play, and they’re also very intelligent so they can easily follow commands.

Life span: 10 – 17 years

Origin: Anglo-Scottish border

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Lilac, Brindle, Sable Merle, Chocolate, Liver, Gold, Red

Temperament: Intelligent, Tenacious, Energetic, Keen, Responsive, Alert, Loyal, Athletic

Height: Male: 48–56 cm, Female: 46–53 cm

Qualities: Border Collies are typically regarded as bright workaholics by dog experts. They can learn a staggering amount of words and orders, and they thrive when they are put to work every day.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are an ideal choice for hikers and backpackers. They’re strong and agile, and they love to explore new terrain.

Life expectancy: 10 – 12 years

FCI: standard

Colors: Black, Chocolate, Yellow

Height: Male: 57–62 cm, Female: 55–60 cm

Weight: Male: 29–36 kg, Female: 25–32 kg

Qualities: Labrador Retrievers are loyal, clever, and passionate dogs. But, above all else, Labs are a lot of fun! They adore playing in the garden, splashing in a lake or pool, exploring, and meeting new people and animals.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a little yet powerful hiking companion. These active explorers enjoy running, digging, and playing. These puppies, which were bred to hunt farm rodents and foxes, enjoy being entertained and are always up for an adventure.

Life span: 13 – 16 years

FCI: standard

Temperament: Intelligent, Clownish, Energetic, Fearless, Stubborn, Athletic, Vocal

Airedale Terrier

This breed is clever and energetic, which makes them excellent trekking companions. The Airedale terrier is known as “The King of Terriers” because it is the largest of the breed and can tolerate any weather, so you and your dog may enjoy the trails throughout the year.

Common nicknames: Airedale; King of Terriers

Other names: Waterside Terrier; Bingley Terrier

Temperament: Intelligent, Outgoing, Friendly, Alert, Confident, Courageous

Height: Female: 56–59 cm, Male: 58–61 cm

Weight: Female: 18–23 kg, Male: 23–29 kg

Note: The playful Airedale is an excellent family pet. He may even become protective of the children in the house in some situations, although his enormous size and high activity level may be too much for very small children.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are another great choice for active people who enjoy spending time outdoors with their pups.

Life span: 13 – 15 years

FCI: standard

Colors: Merle, Black, Red Merle, Red tricolor, Black tricolor, Blue Merle, Red

Temperament: Intelligent, Good-natured, Affectionate, Active, Protective

Qualities: The breed is known for its intelligence and ease of training. Australian dogs are recognized for their eagerness to please their owners. Aussies, in keeping with their herding tendencies, are fiercely protective of their families and territory, warning you if strangers approach, yet they are not aggressive.

Mountain Cur

Just wait until you meet the mountain cur if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. For their working talents and the fact that they thrive on a lot of activity, Robinson thinks mountain curs to be “the ultimate trekking partner.” These adventurers are no strangers to the outdoors and enjoy being active.

Lifespan: 14 – 16 years

Temperament: Protective, Quiet, Courageous, Tough

Size: height is 18-26 inches for males and 16-24 inches for females.

Colors: blue, black, yellow, brown, or brindle coloration.

Standard Rescue Mutt

There is no one perfect dog breed that is right for everyone. Some people may be looking for an outdoor dog breed that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and can run and play for hours on end. If this sounds like you, then a standard rescue mutt dog may be the perfect pet for you.

Weight:  Any size you want.

Qualities: Standard rescue mutts are typically medium to large-sized dogs who are known for their athleticism, intelligence, and friendliness. They are also relatively easy to train and tend to be very loyal family pets. 

The right mutt, properly trained, can do everything the others on this list can do, but without the risk of inherited health concerns that purebreds often have. You’re also likely saving a life by adopting. 

Wrap Up:

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the best dog breeds for outdoor adventures. We realize that there are many different dogs out there and all of them have different personalities. But, there are certain dogs that were bred specifically to handle the outdoor elements, making them some of the best dog breeds for outdoor adventures! 

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